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Editors & Viewers

Team members can have either one of these roles: editor or viewer.

Viewers can access projects, view prototypes, and comment on prototypes. Editors can do what viewers can do as well as make prototypes in ProtoPie & upload them to the cloud, create & use team libraries, and create interaction recordings.

Create & manage projects
View prototypes
View interaction recordings
Leave comments on prototypes
Make & upload prototypesNo
Duplicate & move prototypesNo
Create & use team librariesNo
Create interaction recordingsNo


If you are a member of a team, there are two different spaces.

Personal Space

Store your own prototypes in a space that's dedicated to you only. Manage your personal prototypes and personal libraries.

You can duplicate any prototype in your personal space. It's possible to move a prototype from your personal space to a project in a team space, not vice-versa. Learn more about duplicating & moving prototypes.

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Team Space

For each team you are a member of, there's a team space. For example, If you are a member of three teams, there would be three team spaces.

All your projects, either public or privately, and team libraries exist in the team space. Store your prototypes in a project for others to access. Learn more about projects.

Only editors with access to the project can duplicate or move its prototypes. Duplicates are always created in the same project the original prototype is in. Moving prototypes across projects in a single team space is possible, not between team spaces. Learn more about duplicating & moving prototypes.

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