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ProtoPie Connect for the Pro vs. Enterprise plan

ProtoPie Connect is available in both the Pro and Enterprise plan. However, there are differences between ProtoPie Connect for the Pro plan and ProtoPie Connect for the Enterprise plan.

Below is a feature comparison table that illustrates what these differences are.

Differences Between ProtoPie Connect For the Pro vs. Enterprise Plan

FeaturesPro planEnterprise plan
Run multiple prototypes simultaneouslyYesYes
Run and rearrange prototypes in the desktop browserYes (locally; LAN)Yes (locally; LAN)
Run prototypes offline YesYes
Debug messages between prototypes, hardware, and APIsLimitedYes
Run prototypes that communicate with real data/ APIsLimited (only IFTTT Webhooks)Yes
Run prototypes that communicate with ArduinoYesYes
Load prototypes from ProtoPie Cloud directlyNoYes
Run prototypes on Google Wear OS SmartwatchesNoYes
Run prototypes that communicate with custom hardwareNo (only Arduino, Logitech G29, Gamepad)Yes (custom plugins)
Socket.IO ,extensibility & customization
NoYes (custom plugins)
Run prototypes in embedded systems or Linux environmentsNoYes (Connect Embedded)

The ability to use Custom Plugins and run prototypes in embedded systems (Connect Embedded) is only available within the Enterprise plan.

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