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ProtoPie Enterprise

ProtoPie Enterprise offers a secure and scalable environment to kickstart business-wide collaboration throughout your entire organization.

All team features are available in ProtoPie Enterprise. Besides more security and support than other plans, ProtoPie Enterprise allows your organization to have multiple teams in a single environment.

Are you the service admin of an Enterprise plan? Learn more about the service admin.

ProtoPie Enterprise Environment

There are two tiers of ProtoPie Enterprise:

  • On-Premises: Rely on your organization's own server and physical hardware.
  • Private Cloud: An AWS-enabled secure space for your organization only.

Creating an Account

Enterprise team spaces are separate from regular ProtoPie spaces. This means that you need to create a separate account for ProtoPie Enterprise.
It's possible to activate an Enterprise access in addition to a regular Free or Pro plan access.

Signing Up for ProtoPie Enterprise

When you are invited as a new member, you'll receive an email with an invitation link. Create your account by clicking on the link.

If the service admin enabled self-service sign-up, you can create your account and join your team's Enterprise space without having to be invited by the service admin first.

Your service admin can guide you on which Enterprise URL you should use for the login.

Logging into ProtoPie Studio

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  1. Open ProtoPie Studio.
  2. Click on ProtoPie Enterprise in the welcome window.
  3. Enter the Enterprise URL provided by the service admin.
  4. Click on Connect.
  5. Enter your email and password in the login window.
  6. Click on Open ProtoPie in the pop-up window.
  7. Wait a few seconds as you are redirected to ProtoPie Studio.

Important to note:

  • The Enterprise URL is unique to your organization's ProtoPie Enterprise environment.
  • If you get the error message "you don't have access permission", verify that the service admin invited you with an editor role.

New to ProtoPie? Learn more about getting started with ProtoPie.

Member Types & Roles

There's an additional member type in ProtoPie Enterprise: service admin. Other member types are team owner and team admin; roles are editor and viewer.

Learn more about member types & roles.

Service Admin

The service admin oversees your entire ProtoPie Enterprise environment. They manage all members, teams, and authentication.

If you are a member and have problems with your account or team, contact the service admin in your company.

Learn more about the service admin.

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